Kindergarten Ilha da Pintada

Within a conception that tried to comply with the new principles of the city´s child education network, four schools were built in different neighborhoods of Porto Alegre. The schools at Ilha da Pintada, vila Santa Rosa, Ponta Grossa and Chácara da Fumaça, all of them keep an architectonic uniformity that remind one another, but they are quite different as to their implementation. Each project plays with the same composition elements to take advantage of their lots, always trying the establishment central patios, which protect themselves with their peripheric buildings. One outstanding feature of those schools are the small windows that, distributed at varied heights, allow any child to have one of them adequate to his/her needs.

The Ilha da Pintada, a former fi shing neighborhood, is, by itself, worthwhile a trip. It offers, besides one of the most beautiful views of downtown Porto Alegre, the chance to dream of a city which lies, indeed, on the river shore, and where fl uvial public transport means could be an alternative to be take in consideration.

Flávio Kiefer
Porto Alegre/RS
Site area
0 m2
Built area
832 m2
Project date