House of the Three Palm Trees

In a neighborhood that still holds its residential characteristics – despite undergoing a verticalization process – the house was set out in an unusual site: the frontal area was wider than the depth and there were three palm trees at the center.

The requirements of the brief – to build a residence with a studio for the architect – and the characteristics of the site were both taken into consideration. These factors, along with the requirements of the city’s master plan for the neighborhood (especially the stipulated front yard setback) determined how the building occupied the back of the lot.

The drawing and dining rooms articulate the studio with the rest of the house. This can be seen on the main façade with the twists and turns of the canopy, which integrates the palm trees and at the same time adds the right amount of contrast to the other fuctions’ strict design. 

The house’s main characteristic is its unpretentious engagement with the surrounding area: it snugs naturally in the site and the neighborhood. It is not too striking; it reveals itself gradually.

If we had to describe how it affects the viewer/user in one word, it would be seduction.

Maturino Luz
Architect and lecturer of Brazilian Architecture at Ritter dos Reis and UNISINOS universities

Flávio Kiefer
Porto Alegre/RS
Site area
290 m2
Built area
240 m2
Project date