Lutzenberger House

Casa Lutzenberger was built by Joseph Lutzenberger to be his residence and office. His son José Lutzenberger inherited it and made the house known in Porto Alegre because of his gardening activities and environmental events. That’s where he created the Gaia Foundation and the Vida company for the development of environmental and landscaping solutions. When he died, the fate of the house became an important issue in the city and many options were studied. The most economically viable of them involved restoring it to make it Vida’s headquarters. The family requested legal protection for the house as an historic site and the project started to be developed.

The restoration project had to include the three aforementioned references: the residence and office of the architect and watercolor painter who designed and built it in 1931, the work of the environmentalists and the professional activities that originated Vida. Since the design program was larger than the house and also included an elevator, the built area was expanded. In terms of functionality, the old and new parts are indistinguishable. Everything works as a single building. The company’s management activities take place on the upper floors while the ground floor houses a small auditorium, a meeting room, the reception, the café, the toilet, the Espaço Lutzenberger (a space dedicated to the work of the environmentalist) and a lounge area with a glazed window facing the garden. Externally, the historic garden connects the house to the rear extension and works as a leisure area for the staff.

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Flávio Kiefer
Porto Alegre/RS
Site area
464 m2
Built area
366 m2
Project date
Arq. Janaina Carla Dalarosa / Raíssa Acunha / Lídia Arcevenco