Ortmann House

The request was for a simple house for two people: father and daughter. Construction cost should be low, building materials should include sandstone and spatial distribution should be untraditional. The uneven site led to a vertical, cube-shaped design. This is the best way to optimize the relationship between usable area and external surfaces (foundations, façades, roof), which means it’s very cost-effective. The central stairway with half-height platforms between floors aims to reduce the waste of space caused by corridors and circulation areas. All rooms can be accessed directly through the stairway as if they were on different levels. Other ideas were added to this solution, including more abstract ones derived from the interpretation of the family who would live in the house. The relationship of dependence and independence between father and daughter is expressed in volumes that have their own character and at the same time are connected, allowing harmonious and interdependent living areas.

Flávio Kiefer
Porto Alegre/RS
Site area
400 m2
Built area
220 m2
Project date