Gasometro Power Station Cultural Center

When 3C ARQUITETURA and Kiefer ARQUITETOS joined to develop a revitalization project for the Gasômetro Power Station cultural center in Porto Alegre, we realized our main problems derived from the following questions: how can we organize circulation, comply with legislation, solve the lack of functional and spatial hierarchy, eliminate the feeling of insecurity and bring comfort to this space? And how can we turn it into a reference building in terms of contemporary architecture?

The answer we’ve reached involves transferring the main access to the Galeria dos Arcos, making it a welcoming space that can organize and distribute circulation through the building. With one entrance at each end (north and south), the Galeria dos Arcos will function as a public footpath that connects the Cais Mauá to the Guaíba lakeshore, recovering the original address: Rua dos Andradas nº 10.

Another transversal axis on the fourth floor will connect the east and west ends of the building, creating a living space with covered and open areas. Visitors will be able to enjoy an interesting building design, see the urban and natural landscapes, use the classrooms for courses and workshops and eat at the restaurant, which will extend over a decked terrace with tables covered by a retractable canopy. 

At the intersection between these two axes there will be a vertical circulation axis with facilities on all floors, including directions and easy accesses to all rooms and restrooms, which will be placed on the same vertical line. The mezzanine (second floor) will be accessed through this vertical axis and its activities can be independent from the ground floor. The third floor will house administrative and internal services. The space for theater companies will remain on the fifth floor, but access control will be reinforced. The sixth floor, which today houses administrative activities and is quite fragmented, will be turned into two exhibition areas – Galeria Iberê Camargo and Coleção Aplub –, taking advantage of the beauty and structure of this space.

Another vertical axis will give access to the Teatro Elis Regina, the rooms on the second and third floors and the west balcony. The Sala P.F. Gastal will be relocated to the ground floor so we can concentrate all auditoriums on the same vertical line while keeping each access independent.

What today is the Gasômetro Power Station's entrance hall will become a space exclusively destined for big exhibitions and events and will be only visually connected to the circulation areas. The current main access will be turned into a cafe that both visitors and passers-by can enjoy.

Many other services and infrastructure activities will be located in spaces hidden from view. The project also includes fire prevention and protection systems, air-conditioning equipment, forklifts, docks and other items considered fundamental for the building to provide safety and comfort.

Alexandre Santos Leonardo Poletti Leonardo Hortêncio Tiago Holzmann Flávio Kiefer Lídia Arcevenco
Porto Alegre/RS
Site area
None m2
Built area
1275852 m2
Project date
3C Arquitetura + Kiefer Arquitetos