Rispoli Veículos

In the turn of the millennium, stone buildings can no longer be seen as inappropriate or outdated. The combination between high technology and craftsmanship (and art) is a viable alternative for reintegrating people into the contemporary world’s production process. A number of programs for enhancing manual skills around the world have achieved significant success economically, socially and psychologically.

In architecture, however, little has been done. Rather, the use of sophisticated industrial resources seems to be increasing. The idea of speed and cost reduction has been used to reject traditional techniques and materials, not taking into consideration the whole body of skills that it can extinguish.

Pink sandstone, a traditional material used in churches and sidewalks, not only has been rarely used but also reduced to a vulgar or “rotten” stone. The project aims to recover the material’s tradition, encouraging stone-cutting and combining it with industrial elements such as steel, aluminum, PVC, etc. This combination allowed the project to have a significantly low cost for its high quality and short construction time of seven months.

Combining tradition and craftsmanship with sophisticated technology can lead to an increased recognition of regional, contextual and human particularities which are fundamental to both architecture and society.

Flávio Kiefer
Porto Alegre/RS
Site area
2070 m2
Built area
215 m2
Project date