Stone Studio

The brief is quite simple: the patchwork workshop, the artwork storage room, the scullery and other facilities are on the ground floor; a painting studio, preferably square-shaped, is on the first floor. The small triangular site requires minimal setbacks, eliminating undesirable angles. The first floor can be loose and free, reinforcing the desired square geometry.

There is nothing innovative about the proportion, the height, the three-pitched roof, the window shape and the stone – they actually come from an almost forgotten tradition. The result is that everything seems a little familiar and fits the neighborhood, which has been gradually changing.

Architecture is in the scale, the proportion, the relation between the parts. The compatibility of material and form, the daylight entering the house, the colors and the resulting brightness create an atmosphere that makes you want to stay. And that is what matters.

Flávio Kiefer
Porto Alegre/RS
Site area
230 m2
Built area
150 m2
Project date